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How to motivate students to complete their Degree Programs

It’s been around 10 years since many post-secondary institutions began offering certificate, associate, undergraduate, and graduate courses via online education. Although a relatively new mode of learning, online education is growing at a breathtaking pace and is steadily gaining popularity among students across the globe. Below are ten ideas that institutions can utilize to motivate online students to complete their degree programs: 1. Institutional Vision and Commitment: Institutions should highlight


Accredited Institutions Offer More Than Degrees

In recent years, an opinion about what a degree means has diverse answers. The common definition is what students have learned throughout their studies and how they apply the received knowledge. This has contributed to a decline in the quality of higher education and to the awarding of more degrees, but of lesser value. With the advent of non-traditional means of education, the educational field has expanded dramatically. Prospective students


Future of Distance Learning

The tremendous growth of technology and Internet usage in the 1990s laid a solid foundation for the distance learning. Several exciting forms of electronic assisted learning emerged—computer mediated learning, satellite e-learning, web-based training and online learning, video conferencing, video tape, and electronic whiteboards. The easy accessibility, flexibility, affordability and lack of cultural barriers of distance learning has allowed students as well as working professionals to study further and learn in