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IAO’s Evaluation Commission Visits Oxford Educational Institution to Grant Full Accreditation

The IAO’s Evaluation Commission Member, Ms. Madhumitha Shiva Iyer, conducted an on-site visit to the Oxford Educational Institution, India, this week; for the purpose of granting full accreditation. The visit concluded with an audit report that included the feedback from the site’s visit team, the institute’s administration, members of the Board, and the director of the institution. During her visit, Ms. Madhumitha Shiva Iyer reviewed the institution’s performance with regard


IAO Now Offers Accreditation to Vocational & Training Centres

Despite the traditional and non- traditional means of education, several other forms of learning have emerged. There are a number of academic coaching institutions all over the world offering ample scope for education. Such institutions can train students for college entrance examinations or they can provide some sort of vocational trainings. IAO, now, accredits online & distance learning and regional / traditional campus-based professional and vocational education providers all over


Credit Transfer Policies That An Institution Should Have

Transferring academic credits is not as easy as it used to be. With the boom of the non- traditional means of education, some institutions are reluctant to admit students seeking to transfer their previous work. Many institutions still insist that they will accept academic credits or degrees only from institutions that are regionally accredited. The culture of “regionally accredited only” can lead to frustration for students who choose to earn


IAO Grants Candidacy Status to Al-Albayt University

IAO has granted Candidacy Status certificate to Al- Albayt University after IAO assessed the University’s academic programs through a systematic and well documented process. Al- Albayt University seeks to contribute effectively and efficiently to continuous and comprehensive development of educational environment in Jordan by offering educational programs and adopting learning methodologies that are aimed at achieving the quality education. The candidacy status was granted to Al- Albayt University on the