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IAO Grants Full Accreditation to Three More Educational Institutes in India

At a time when Indian Institutions are trying to compete with their international counterparts, getting IAO’s accreditation is a significant factor to show that quality education standards are maintained at their educational establishments. Education providers in India are seeking IAO’s accreditation because of its global recognition and acceptance. The degrees of students passing from their institutions will also be acknowledged by any other institute in any part of the world,


IAO’s Accreditation Activities in India

In the wake of recent globalization, education providers in India have started realizing the importance of improving their educational standards by seeking accreditation from IAO.   The education sector of India is growing fast and more and more students are opting to study at educational Institutions or work for companies outside their home country. To benefit from international recognition and acceptance, below are the education providers that applied for IAO’s


IAO Grants Candidacy Status to the European Academy of Tibetan Medicine and Yoga (Latvia & Germany Branch)

IAO’s Evaluation Commission have granted Candidacy Status to the European Academy of Tibetan Medicine and Yoga (Latvia & Germany Branch) after evaluating the academy’s information submitted in the accreditation application forms. IAO has granted Candidacy Status to EATMY’s two branches in Latvia and Germany after the IAO’s Evaluation Commission assessed the submitted information on various factors such as academy’s infrastructure, academic ambiance, physical resources, human resources, supporting systems like library


IAO Grants Candidacy Status to Bangalore University

IAO has granted Candidacy Status to the Bangalore University, one of the oldest and finest universities in India, after assessing the University’s academic programs through a systematic and well documented process. The Candidacy Status is awarded to the University after it provided sufficient evidence of the standards that they have set for providing high quality education and training for students.  The IAO’s Evaluation Commission assessed the information submitted in the


Develop Teachers For Better Results

A number of reviews of the factors affecting the academic achievement of school children conclude that the influence of variables such as the education of the teacher and the methods of teaching are of utmost importance and has a huge impact on the performance of the school as a whole. Teaching is a never ending learning process. Though the expansion in human knowledge has taken place and facts have changed,


Social Media in Education

Social Media is not limited to setting up an incredible facebook page, creating an interesting twitter profile, or showing off your diverse activities through foursquare; instead, it is about extending a personal touch to your audience, it is human business. Social Media is not just socializing and networking online through words, pictures and videos rather it is a two way discussion which brings people together to discover and share some


IAO’s Evaluators of Quality for Distance Education Programs

With the rise of non- traditional means of education, the number of long distance education providers has increased multiple folds.  Education providers interested in offering distance education programs must consider the challenges that lie before them. They should be prepared for providing quality educational programs appropriate study material and relevant accreditation. The IAO briefly presents below highly critical institutional aspects that an education provider should consider when developing a quality