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Assessing Learning Successfully

Learning goals are one of the most critical elements of the education system. They are focused objectives, outlined on a per program basis, that provide guidance for assessing student learning. They help an institution to select methods, materials and assignments that are most appropriate. Thomas A. Angelo, a noted speaker, presented state of the art approaches to defining and assessing learning. He proposed that the education system should re- envision


Physical Libraries Vs Virtual Libraries

Given the growing trend of distance and online learning among students, the role of virtual libraries cannot be overemphasized. Unlike at an on-campus institution, students do not have to attend classes at an online institute; they can pursue their education from anywhere in the world through a computer and an Internet connection. All course materials and other facilities are available electronically. Given the ease and convenience distance learning offers, traditional


The IAO Accreditation and its Impact on Elementary/Primary and Secondary Schools Worldwide

To date, the IAO has dutifully adhered to its mission, that of “….. to establish, preserve and promote the finest educational standards worldwide by acting as a catalyst for information, training and networking to traditional and non-traditional educational institutes”, having accredited numerous universities and institutes of higher education, both traditional & non-traditional – worldwide. Likewise, IAO grants accreditation to schools that provide international level of education and learning facilities to


Employing Word- of- Mouth Marketing for Institutional Promotion

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool as it can either destroy a product’s reputation or make it a very recognizable name. Consumers, surrounded by advertising from the Internet to television, now more than ever realize that most of what they hear is not reliable. As a recent article from McKinsey Quarterly suggests, “Word-of-mouth cuts through the noise quickly and effectively.” Therefore, consumers flock to online product reviews, friends, and family


Measuring Learning Goals

Learning goals are one of the most critical elements of the education system. They are focused objectives, outlined on a per program basis, that provide guidance for assessing student learning. They help an institution to select methods, materials and assignments that are most appropriate. Learning goals should be aligned with an institution’s mission, and outline the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that the student should possess when leaving the school. IAO


How Can an Institution Develop Effective Administration Teams?

Developing effective administration teams is one of the biggest challenges that an institution generally faces.  A team of competent, motivated and committed people helps the institution’s chair person to devote time to his responsibilities rather than internal and external coordination.  Once these individuals are in place they must be provided opportunities for development and rewarded appropriately to ensure their continued commitment and performance. IAO suggest the following ways an institution


Six More Institutions in India Earn Full Accreditation from IAO

IAO announced that it has granted full accreditation to six more educational institutions in India. These include: The accreditation granted is valid for one year after which the institutions need to renew it to continue receiving benefits and services from IAO. Gian Sagar Group of Institutes Career Care Institute of Management Studies JK Padampat Singhania Institute of Management and Technology, Gurgaon Ramgarhia Institute of Engineering & Technology Aayojan School of


Gyan Ganga Group of Institutes Awarded Full Accreditation by IAO

Following the Gyan Ganga Group of Institutes application for Full Accreditation, the institutions have been granted Full Accreditation by the IAO. IAO’s full accreditation, which is a vote of confidence for the quality assurance standards of education followed by the institution, was recommended by the IAO’s Evaluation Commission’s on- visit to the institution’s offices.  The IAO’s Evaluation Commission commended the institutions for delivering and maintaining excellent educational standards. The commission


IAO Awards Candidacy Status to Three More Universities

We are pleased to announce that the Dhaka International University, Bangladesh, is on the top of the list this week that has become the IAO’s candidate for international accreditation. The university is one of the leading non-government universities in Bangladesh and offers programs in & Engineering, Law, Pharmacy and Arts & Social Sciences. Educational programs at DIU are conducted by the qualified and experienced faculty members associated with the leading


IAO’s Evaluation Commission Visits K.B. Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, India

The Evaluation Commission of International Accreditation Organization (IAO) visited K.B. Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, India, for the purpose of granting full accreditation to the institute. The IAO’s Evaluation Commission conducted a visit to the institution to determine if KBIPER meets the criteria for full accreditation. The institution has already been awarded IAO’s candidacy status based on the accreditation criteria in the following three categories: Organizational Management Academic Management


Need For Career Guidance & Counseling

Career counseling services provide career development and counseling, including individual needs assessments. Career Services help students foster professional growth and career focus. Their goal is to provide students with a career road map and career strategies which lead to career satisfaction and career success. Career coaches help students with their career direction. It is the vehicle that helps students get a jumpstart on their career or job change. A career


Employing Teaching Techniques To Impart Quality Education To Students

Effective teaching forms the cornerstone of university education and is associated with the achievement of different cognitive and academic goals. Imparting knowledge and skills to students is the major objective of university instruction for the faculty. Major goals of university teaching include objectives like changing students factual knowledge and competence in the course material, strengthening various cognitive capacities (e.g. study skills, reasoning, writing and speaking skills) and fostering intellectual appreciation