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The Reflection of IAO’s Mission on Its Practices

“The mission of International Accreditation is to establish preserve and promote the finest education standard for working adults worldwide by working to be a catalyst for information training and networking to secondary and higher education institutes.” The IAO has revolutionized world-class education by catering to the promotion of the establishment of quality culture among educational institutions. IAO serves as a gate-keeper for assuring a threshold level of quality when identifying


How Crucial is the Institution of Accreditation for Educational Systems

There are variety of institutions offering different academic programs including distance learning and online education. Accreditation is a liable solution for the assurance of quality of education worldwide. Standards for accreditation identify basic elements that must exist in all accredited educational setups, while encouraging flexibility in the ways in which programs & curriculum pursue excellence. The Standards of accreditation are essentially quality based criterion that measures the institution’s current state


How Click Universities fair against Brick Universities?

When a student opts to study for an online degree, they’re required to take all the classes purely online in order to earn the certification. Faculty members from around the world conduct classes via video streaming, e-mail or other technologies over the internet. Online students simply do not have to attend university as all their studies are completely conducted online. Online universities may or may not have a traditional campus;


Two Indian Universities Granted Candidacy Status by IAO

People University and Sharda Univeristy, two leading educational institutions of India, have been awarded Candidacy status by the IAO. The Candidacy Status is effective from November 2011. IAO’s accreditation is a testament to the Universities’ commitment to imparting quality education to their students. Sharda University is a leading educational institution based out of Greater Noida, Delhi NCR. A venture of the renowned SGI group, the University has established itself as


Waxen University Granted Candidate For Accreditation Status

Waxen University, Egypt, has been awarded the candidacy status by IAO. The candidacy status granted to the University is testament to the institution’s high educational quality and various learning facilities which are on a par with global standards.  Being an applicant for IAO’s international accreditation will significantly influence the future of the university’s students because they will be able to receive financial aid, as well as transfer credits to other


Inter National Institute of Fashion Design Granted Full Accreditation by IAO

The Inter National Institute of Fashion Design has received full accreditation by the IAO. Founded 17 years ago, INIFD is an independent institute that offers more than 25 programs in fashion, interior, and textile design.  INIFD serves approximately 20,000 students annually, through a network of more than 180 centres across the country, and globally, offering full- and part-time study options, evening/weekend degree programs. Accreditation by the IAO recognizes the outstanding


The Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz Rajhi University Recognized as Candidate for IAO’s Accreditation

As part of the process to pursue IAO’s international accreditation, The Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz Rajhi University has been recognized as a candidate for accreditation by the IAO. Candidacy status means that The Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz Rajhi University’s educational programs have met the necessary criteria for accreditation. The university will be expected to provide the IAO with supporting data of its high-quality teaching and academic programs; it should also


American University of the Emirates Approved for Candidacy for Accreditation Status by the IAO

American University of the Emirates has been approved for Candidacy for Accreditation status by the IAO. The university was awarded a Certificate of Candidacy for Accreditation after IAO undertook a major assessment of program quality, university’s infrastructure and accountability system. The university will now undergo an on-site visit by the IAO’s Evaluation Commission Member shortly and subsequently, the Commission will grant final approval of accreditation. American University in the Emirates


Global Health And Safety Solution Group Limited Receives Full Accreditation From IAO

Global Health And Safety Solution Group Limited has received full accreditation following tireless efforts by the faculty, staff and administration officials. Receiving IAO’s Full Accreditation is one of the most significant achievements in Ghass- G’s recent history as it has lifted the university’s profile to an international level and created new opportunities to realize success.  It is a milestone in their sustained drive for academic excellence.  The IAO’s accreditation process


IAO Grants Full Accreditation to Macedonia Theological Seminary, INC

The IAO granted Full Accreditation to Macedonia Theological Seminary, Inc., making it one of the finest seminaries in the region offering graduate degrees in Biblical Studies and religion. The Seminary offers 60 hour course of certificate in Biblical studies and is also certified and authorized by the New York State Board of Education, the American Association of Christian Therapists and Dayspring Christian University. The mission of Macedonia Theological Seminary is


Nyansa Africa Institute Receives IAO’s Full Accreditation

Recognizing the academic excellence of Nyansa Africa Institute, the IAO’s Evaluation Commission has granted full accreditation to the institution. The institute was granted Candidacy Status since September 2011. IAO’s Evaluation Commission made a final decision about granting Full Accreditation to the institute after the latter provided sufficient evidence that it fulfills all 27 accreditation standards of IAO. The institute’s commitment to educating students has provided a rich academic environment for