IAO Awards Candidacy Status to European-American University, Nigeria

International Accreditation Organization (IAO) has granted candidacy status to European-American University, Nigeria, after a thorough assessment of the institute’s profile and other information submitted in the candidacy application.


Established in 2003, European-American University has provided a high-quality education to its students who come from all corners of the globe. EAU is a diverse partnership with many renowned institutes in Africa and Asia, along with a global distance learning graduate school offering correspondence-based degree programs. The institute has an independent outlook that allows it to offer flexible programs tailored to the diverse needs of students from different backgrounds, as well as a highly student-driven learning environment.  The University has produced a cornucopia of well-rounded graduates who have been leading the top organizations of the world. Moreover, European-American University has talented and qualified faculty who have been involved in teaching and groundbreaking research and are highly accessible to students. Offering highly progressive and cutting-edge programs, the institute is also committed to humanitarian work among professional communities in the developing world.


IAO is pleased to award the candidacy status to European-American University, Nigeria, based on its stellar academic standards and unique pedagogical methods. IAO’s candidacy to the institute vindicates the latter’s commitment to offering its students an excellent learning environment and expert global faculty committed to their students’ welfare.

2 comments on “IAO Awards Candidacy Status to European-American University, Nigeria
  1. Congrats! Yet, let me know if I may conclude my PhD program with you and receive a certificate from one of your well accredited and recognized universities whose certificate or qualifications are accepted internationally and in Nigeria in particular. I have a lot of colleagues who are interested also.

  2. IAO says:

    Hi Samson,

    Yes it will be as academic programs of all our accredited institutes are accepted globally.

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