Trainme Training Center-Bahrain was Awarded Full Accreditation by IAO


International Accreditation Organization – IAO is proud to award the status of full accreditation to Trainme Training Center, Bahrain, for their education and training services to boost the individual’s potentials and augment their knowledge.

Trainme Training Center, Bahrain, was first established in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to deliver tactical and strategic training programs designed to enhance the individual’s potential ability complementing their knowledge. The core objective of Trainme Training Center, Bahrain, is to encourage people to develop their skills and capabilities, towards the final objective of transforming their performance and competence in the organization.


The training center’s main focus is to lead in the field of Media, Marketing Communications and Administration and for this they work in association with the specialized local and universal trainers in the field. Moreover, they forge more strategic partnerships globally, and deliver training programs with the uppermost grade of excellence and professionalism.

The core strength of Trainme Training Center, Bahrain, originates from its founding organization, (AMG) Albayan Media Group, that has acquired a headlock in the Business with 20 years of ongoing efforts by providing media solutions to high ranking companies situated in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE.


Considering their curriculum, strategies and methods they use in their training; IAO is proud to grant Full Accreditation to Trainme Training Center, Bahrain. The training center fulfills all the criteria of accreditation and is awarded with the national and universal recognition along with the international accreditation.