Accreditation Granted to Rockfield College of Management

by Robin Smith
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Rockfield College of Management, Switzerland, has received IAO’s full accreditation. The Accreditation status of IAO recognizes high standards and level of professionalism that exists within the institute.

Rockfield College of Management (RCM) is focused on the development of students and for that, the institution has designed the courses that would develop the knowledge and skills for successful careers in business and management. Established in 2003, RCM was developed as an innovative institution to meet the demands for alternative to traditional higher education experience which often require taking several years away from jobs. RCM provides innovative and quality certified programs with flexible learning style designed to accommodate the lifestyle and other commitments of their students.

At RCM, the students will be able to receive the necessary skills needed to excel in their career, leading them to get into leadership roles. RCM also offers credit transfers so the professionals and students currently studying at a different college or have discontinued their studies for any reason can select from the courses offered at RCM and even complete a course within a year, depending on total credits transferred into the program. RCM encourages the students to discover their potential and secure valuable asset for their future. RCM’s innovative curricula are designed to help students recognize, explore and develop the knowledge and skills needed to achieve professional competency that meet the demands of private and public organizations.

IAO’s evaluation commission was highly impressed with the institute’s sound educational practices, being forward thinking, socially sensitive & responsible and for using advance information and communication technology tools to create, preserve and disseminate knowledge. All this information was presented by the RCM in the IAO accreditation application forms and they also provided validation documents to support the facts. The information was evaluated by the IAO’s evaluation commission and the decision to grant full Accreditation Status was then taken. IAO wishes the institution and their students the best for their future and tend to provide continuous guidance for further improving the educational standards and offering high standards of educational opportunities.

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