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by Robin Smith
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Applying for scholarships – In case you are a student of university and you are looking for a federal scholarship, you should take note that there are many programs that provide students with the opportunity to study in order to become professionals and contribute to the growth of their country.

Types of Federal Scholarships

There are several different types of federal scholarships available. These include:

  • -Grants: A grant is a form of financial aid that does not have to be repaid. Grants come from the government and from other sources, such as private organizations or corporations. Grants are often given based on need or merit.
  • -Student Loans: Student loans are an important way for many students to pay for their education. There are many different types of student loans, including subsidized and unsubsidized loans, Perkins loans, PLUS loans, and Stafford Loans (the most common type). If you have any questions about which type of loan might be right for you, speak with a financial aid counselor at your school’s financial aid office.
  • -Scholarships: Scholarships are awards given solely based on academic achievement or extracurricular accomplishments (such as athletics).

Applying for Scholarships & Requirements

In order to apply for federal scholarships, you must attend a school located in the state. This is because of the requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Education. In general, these requirements include:

  • -You must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident (green card holder)
  • -You must be enrolled full time at an accredited institution (two-year or four-year) in a degree-seeking program
  • -You must not be in default on any federal student loans or owe a refund on any grants previously received
  • -Your family’s income cannot exceed $50,000 per year as a single person, or $100,000 per year if you’re married and filing jointly

Scholarships can be used for tuition, fees and books but cannot be used for room and board expenses or other personal expenses such as transportation costs or clothing expenses for the student’s children.

International Accreditation Organization (IAO)

The IAO operates under the premise that higher education is an international commodity, and that its accredited universities should have access to a diverse range of students from around the world. The IAO’s mission is to “establish and maintain standards for higher education through accreditation on a worldwide basis.

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