Candidacy Status Awarded to BePro Consultancy

by Robin Smith
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andidacy status awarded to BePro Consultancy by IAO.

BePro Consultancy is a leadership, sales and service consultants and trainers organization. They initially started their business in Dallas, USA, back in 1989. They have been in the business for 25 years and deliver many programs covering business and market sectors. Their field of work is basically in Human Performance Development and focus on motivating employees by helping them change their attitudes so they can deliver the best in both professional and personal lives.


With their expert customer service skills, they teach employees how to change their attitudes to create a positive impact around their surroundings. This change would create a less stressful environment and better communication with increased productivity in terms of enhanced customer retention and loyalty. More than 1,700 training sessions have been conducted in the past 15 years and consulted more than 32,000 employees. BePro Consultancy has worked with many corporation in Jordan and abroad too.

Services offered at BePro Consultancy are:

  • Word class training
  • One-to-one coaching at executive level
  • Motivation sessions
  • Build sales strategies
  • Career planning and assess talent

IAO wishes to provide full accreditation to the institute in the near future as it is poised to achieve their sustainability goals whilst providing expert guidance in different business fields.


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