Candidacy Status Awarded to Business Box by IAO

by Robin Smith
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usiness Box is awarded with the status of Candidacy by International Accreditation Organization.

Business Box (BBox) was founded by an Egyptian entrepreneur Mr. Beshay, who aimed to provide management skills on European standards to the organizations in Dubai and Middle East. Mr. Beshay succeeded to sign the first distribution agreement with EFQM in the Middle East and earned the EFQM Assessor Diploma from Brussels; followed by the Validator Diploma and the Leaders for Excellence Diploma to ultimately becoming an Accredited EFQM trainer and Master Trainer.


BBox offers basic services in organizational Quality and Excellence through capacity building and consultancy. The organization is equipped with teams of expert managers from peer organizations who are well-trained in assessment and feedback techniques, to give structured perspectives.

BBox demonstrates on how assessments can be led most effectively and easily by identifying where to begin, or by supporting with detailed and extensive feedback. Moreover, they create teams, whether external or from within the organization, to achieve consensus on necessary actions.

IAO is glad to have Business Box Management Consultants as a part of the global educational community as it is a non-profit organization, established to support the economic development and is led by members from diverse range of countries and sectors and industries, sharing one goal – the pursuit of excellence. Together with the partners, BBox supports 30,000 organizations and associations in Europe to develop and grow their economy. The tremendous efforts shown by BBox are highly appreciable. We see it grow and flourish more and more in the years to come.

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