Candidacy Status Awarded to HU – College of Education Sciences

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization has successfully granted the status of Candidacy to HU – College of Education Sciences

HU – College of Education sciences is one of the divisions of Hashemite University. The Royal Decree to establish the Hashemite University was issued on 19th June 1991. Teaching at the university started on 16th September 1995.

It is oriented towards accomplishing an academic pioneering position and excellence in university teaching and scientific research, at both the domestic and regional levels, to oblige the society through its enlightening functions, and to participate in the progression of knowledge.

The Hashemite University is committed to actively participate in succeeding the goals of the comprehensive state development through formulating loyal men and women. They make efforts to help those students who are not only technically competent in their specialized fields, but also life-long learners who have a breadth vision, loyalty to their nation, and a sense of civic and moral responsibility and a devotion to the fundamental values of human life.

HU – College of Education Sciences applies the credit hour system. This system provides students with the needed amount of flexibility and freedom in choosing the courses that satisfy their preferences and their academic, national and communal ambitions. It also intensifies the opportunities of students from different faculties and institutions to interrelate and communicate with each other efficiently

IAO is glad to grant the status of candidacy to HU – College of Education sciences. IAO took this step on the basis of their quality education. We look forward to grant the Institute the status of full accreditation in the near future with an international recognition in the global educational community.

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