Candidacy Status Granted to Mithra Institute of Management Studies (MIMS)

by Robin Smith
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Mithra Institute of Management Studies (MIMS) is successfully granted with the candidacy status by IAO.

Mithra Institute of Management Studies (MIMS) was founded in India with an aim to provide top class education in the field of Logistics and Aviation Studies. Their mission is to lead in the world of Logistics and Aviation education along with career development on both national and international levels.  The mission is to create great professionals who can stand proudly in today’s challenging world.


Demand for logistics experts is high in today’s world because the industry is growing rapidly and companies are becoming globalized and trading overseas. The lack of logistic professionals in the logistics industry is what makes this education a major concern. MIMS takes the responsibility of creating top-notch Logisticians to fill the gaps in the professional market.


IAO was highly impressed by the sound practices being experienced at MIMS. Their approach towards training the individuals associated with the institute is really responsible and social. IAO proudly grants Mithra Institute of Management Studies (MIMS) the status of candidacy and also looks forward to provide them full accreditation for their expert services in the near future.


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