Candidacy Status Granted to Montessori View Point PVT by IAO

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International Accreditation Organization has successfully granted the status of Candidacy to Montessori View Point PVT Ltd.

Montessori View Point PVT Ltd. understands the changing world for children today. They realized the evolved skills required by adults along with the specific needs and learning styles of children of the current times.

The institute believes that going further to train teachers and caregivers with adequate certification and counseling facilities for parents is for the well-being of the child. Moreover, the institute is ready for the complete care and development of the child from the womb onwards, i.e. physiologically, intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, lingual and spiritually. The owner of the Montessori View Point PVT Ltd. believes that the environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.

The institutes evening activity center keeps children engaged and engrossed in a productive manner. It is a blend of fun and learning. Their activities include art and craft, storytelling, Math enrichment and Language enhancement classes, fun with science, yoga, music and dance.

Considering the training methods and their services, IAO has awarded the status of candidacy to Montessori View Point PVT Ltd. and looks forward to granting them full accreditation in near future. We appreciate the efforts of the institute and wish them all the best for their future accomplishments.

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