European Wellness Academy Awarded IAO Full Accreditation

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization evaluates institutes around the world to ensure their education standards are up to the mark. Institutes that qualify are awarded IAO’s full accreditation, which they are able to display on their profile, websites, etc. Our seal and certificate becomes a testimonial of the quality education being provided by the institute.

In this regard, IAO is glad to announce that European Wellness Academy was able to pass our stringent evaluation process to earn our Full Accreditation. European Wellness Academy is now a fully accredited member of IAO.

About European Wellness Academy

European Wellness Academy (EWA) is a global education provider. They mainly focus on advancing the European approach towards holistic wellness management. European Wellness Academy is a subsidiary of European Wellness Group (EWG) with more than 30 years of experience in the areas of development and research in regenerative and biological medicine.

About IAO’s Process of Accreditation:

In order to ensure all education providers are thoroughly evaluated, IAO has placed a stringent evaluation process through which any institute can be awarded full accreditation if successfully passed:

  1. Visit and sign up with the initial form which will be reviewed and approved by our commission members.
  2. After successful approval of the application, our commission members will set an appointment with you for physical evaluation of the institute.
  3. Once the on-site evaluation is completed successfully, your institute will be awarded IAO’s full accreditation.
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