Full Accreditation Awarded to Advanced Style for Training

by Robin Smith
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IAO is pleased to award full accreditation to Advanced Style for Training as they are committed to providing training of the necessary skills and competencies as required by the corporate world of today.


The Advanced Style for Training (AST) is a private international company registered with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Jordan and is headquartered in Amman, Jordan, and has international links in many Arab and foreign countries such as Malaysia, China, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, and Egypt. AST provides training courses and workshops for private sector and governments. It also specializes in training courses and workshops in many fields, including: administrative, management, engineering, IT, accounting, finance, security & safety, technical and media – developmental and therapeutic and all levels of beginner to moderate-to-advanced to the point of an expert.They offer training programs to the government sector and large companies in order to develop the skills and knowledge of human resources in all areas.They have many clients from all ministries and government institutions, oil companies and petroleum, telecommunications, banks and all sectors of the four Rkaúzna. They offer speed flexibility credibility quality certificates. All certificates are certified by the advanced mode of training and the name and logo are protected by internationally commercial Baalamth.


Full Accreditation granted by IAO is a testimony that the Advanced Style for Training aims to promote individuals spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. It is aimed to equip them with the essential learning skills, promote an enquiring mind and capacity to think rationally and develop their confidence in their capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively with the changing needs of the community.

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