Full Accreditation Awarded to AIMS Institute of Management Studies by International Accreditation Organization

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization (IAO) prides itself as the only commission providing accreditation to institutes, schools, colleges and universities worldwide. It is our vision to ensure all education institutions around the world function on a global standard of education and provide education that is recognized worldwide.

Keeping in line with our vision and values, we are pleased to announce that AIMS Institute of Management Studies have successfully completed our accreditation process and has received IAO’s international accreditation. To ensure institutions are providing high quality education, IAO has a stringent evaluation process in place, which thoroughly reviews an institutions education standards, environmental standards, faculty members and the like, to assess if the institution is providing global standard of education. In doing so, we congratulate AIMS Institute of Management Studies for clearing our screening and visit inspection processes to achieve IAO’s certification and seal.


About AIMS Institute of Management Studies:

Based in Pune, India, AIMS Institute of Management Studies focuses on providing high quality management education programs geared towards equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to get a competitive edge in the industry.

For more information on AIMS Institute of Management Studies, click here.

About IAO’s Accreditation Process:

International Accreditation Organization is world’s most trusted accreditation agency focusing on accrediting institutions worldwide to bring them on a global standard of education. In order to do so, we have in place a thorough process in place to evaluate education standards of institutes.

IAO’s Process for Accreditation:

IAO has the following process for accreditation of institutes, universities, colleges and schools:

Step # 1: Fill in the application form for initial review and screening:

Step # 2: Schedule Visit Inspection for Our Commission Members to Visit Institute and Evaluate

Step # 3: Pay the Accreditation Fee & Get IAO’s Full Accreditation Seal & Certificate

For more information regarding our accreditation process, please visit www.iao.org.

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