Full Accreditation Granted to Grade Results

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IAO has become the landmark of accreditation agencies in the world because of the absolute transparency it offers. The assessment of high-end institutes and learning centers is ensured with our team of global representatives who personally visit the locations for further verification. This way, IAO has been successful in evaluating the credibility of institutes based solely on merits, regardless of their location and finances. To make sure that the entire process is as fair as possible, we have developed an efficient Points Profile System that follows three revolutionary steps:

Step # 1: Institutes submit their applications via www.iao.org and get a free consultation from one of our committee members. Once the application is reviewed, they move to the next step.

Step # 2: The second step of the process is to visit institutions and inspect their facilities, faculty, education standard, etc.

Step # 3: Once the visit inspection report is submitted, our commission members review it and, if qualified, the institute gets IAO’s full accreditation.

Grade Results Has Been Granted Full Accreditation by IAO

We are glad to announce that Grade Results has successfully acquired our full accreditation due to their unique combination of a rigorous online curriculum and highly skilled instructors who garnered positive reviews. Their students have repeatedly shown improved achievement scores, attendance figures, and high graduation rates, all of which testify how Grade Results harbors a healthy learning environment.

About Grade Results
Grade Results provides online courses and a comprehensive set of credit recovery, credit acceleration, remediation, alternative and special education services to the public, private, charter, and alternative schools, as well as community colleges and universities. Grade Results is research-based and offers an extensive personalized and ever-expanding curriculum powered by a cutting edge, one-to-one delivery system.

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