Full Accreditation granted to JV Skills Training Center

by Robin Smith
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international Accreditation Organization – IAO is proud to award the status of full accreditation to JV Skills training center. Being accepted IAO’s full accreditation means that the institute fulfills with all global standards of teaching and learning as set by the agency.

JV Skills training center was recognized on 22nd August 2009, with an industry relevant prospectus. JV Skills Academy’s core focus was to make people learn in the practical environment to compete effectively in this competitive world. Their vision was to produce the competent engineers and qualified auto tech graduates who would meet the needs of the market proactively.

JV Skills is a certified center of the Department of Skills Development (DSD) under the Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia. Soon after that in July 2013 and in July 2015 JV Skills College is graded 5-star by the Department of Skills Development’s (DSD) under the Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia0.

JV Skills Academy offers technical courses in the fields of Automotive and Mechatronic.
1. Automotive
a.     TP-300-2:2013 -After Sales Service (Automotive)

TP-300-3:2013-After Sales Service (Automotive)

  1. Diploma Autotech Management
  2. Advanced Diploma Autotech Management
  1. Mechatronic
    1. MC-091-2:2013 – Engineering Support Services Industry Automation
    2. MC-091-3:2013 – Industrial Automation Engineering Supervisor
    3. Diploma In Mechatronic

IAO takes pride in bestowing JV Skills Academy with the status of Full Accreditation as the Institute prospers to offer a wide range of technical courses with diversified and modern teaching methods, which enables the individuals to accomplish their dreams and objectives. We genuinely appreciate the hard work of the entire team and wish them good luck.


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