Full Accreditation granted to VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition

by Robin Smith
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IAO is proud to award the status of Full Accreditation to VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition. Being accepted as IAO’s full accreditation member means that the institute fulfils with all universal standards of teaching and learning as set by global educational standards.

VLCC institute of beauty and nutrition was established in 2001 with a clear vision to be the leader in the beauty and wellness space. The institution has successfully trained and placed more than 1 Lac students so far. VLCC institute offers a wide variety of courses ranging from entry level to working professionals. VLCC facilitate candidates with World Class environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced equipment, well qualified and trained faculty, and updated curriculum which are some of the key pillars ensuring high quality training.

VLCC institute is a blend of introducing best practices through videos in order to honor the candidate’s skills under the guidance of the competent faculty. They believe that this approach makes a candidate to learn and practice the international standards and practices inside the classroom.

VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition believes in providing students with the opportunities to learn about the real world experiences through internship programs. Their methods of learning help students to experience industry interactions and the real world environment. They offer the enhanced courses of beautician which includes Aesthetics & Skin, Hair, Makeup, Nails, Nutrition and Spa Therapies.

IAO takes pride in bestowing VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition with the status of Full Accreditation as the Institute prospers to offer a wide range of beautician courses with diversified and modern teaching methods, which enables the individuals to accomplish their aims and objectives. We genuinely appreciate the hard work of the entire team and wish them good luck.

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