With years of experience, IAO has established itself as the leading accreditation agency worldwide. The organization works closely with the global representatives to ensure transparency in the process so that high-quality education is accessible to the masses. This is why the International Accreditation Organization has prepared a Points Profile System so that no stone is left unturned in the scrutiny of the institutes that trust us with accreditation.

The 3 step process of evaluation is listed below:
Step # 1: Institutes submit their applications via www.iao.org and get a free consultation from one of our commission members. Once the application is reviewed, they move to the next step.

Step # 2: The second step of the process is to visit institutions and inspect their facilities, faculty, education standard, etc.

Step # 3: Once the visit inspection report is submitted, our commission members review it and, if qualified, the institute gets IAO’s full accreditation.

Announcing IAO’s full accreditation to Bright Top

IAO is glad to announce that after a thorough and complicated process of evaluation, Bright Top is being granted the status of full accreditation. The institute has passed all the merits of our procedure and is now part of our accredited list. The team at Bright Top has worked over the years to provide integrated consultancy and training services. They have adopted a work methodology based on advance planning, good preparation, and hard work to implement innovative ideas and advanced solutions to build a constructive strategic relationship with the trainees.

About Bright Top

The mission of the institute is to equip health service providers with knowledge, skills, and attitudes for effective quality service delivery in the community and to provide high-quality healthcare training that positively transforms individuals and society. They have worked relentlessly to bestow industry-oriented knowledge that will enable learners to provide relevant health services.

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