IAO – A New Look

by Robin Smith
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In today’s competitive era, the transformation has become so quick that you blink your eye and you observe a change. Whether it is culture, politics, education system or the business environment – everyone is looking forward to winning and the only option they have is to bring a valuable change in their business. Thus, we as an International Accreditation Organization are bound to provide more enhanced services than before to our stakeholders.

We value every stakeholder of our business and therefore we have improved the way we communicate with them to make them realize their worth. International Accreditation Organization – IAO, is known to be the best organization in terms of services as well as in communication, but now we will act proactively to create competitive advantage not only from our competitors but also from our previous outlook.

This is why we have refurbished our website to make it more user-friendly for our partner audiences. We embarked upon a significant branding creativity to redefine our value proposition and develop the gears—both verbally and visually—to better connect to all of our stakeholders.

We believe that the launch of the new IAO brand represents the initiative of a new era. The new face of our website is fresher, stronger, approachable, easily accessible and more modernized. It represents the optimism we all feel about how IAO can contribute to the success of our members and, through them, to a more flourishing world for all.

IAO’s innovative mission is clear: to encourage institutes to engage with us, accelerate revolution and strengthen education system. Our new brand cores and value propositions are very much intact with our mission and vision.

We believe in connections across disciplines, countries, and ideologies. We believe in the value of shared power, connected wisdom and collaboration. We took this step to reunite the best minds across business education, higher education, and business to work as one to achieve a common goal: to create leaders of the upcoming generation, who desire to make an encouraging impact in their industries and their organizations, worldwide.

Today, every educational institution is changing according to the new trend. The way of teaching has been transformed into schools and universities across the world so why not us? To walk parallel with schools and universities we are changing to ensure that we are up to their benchmark.

That is why IAO chose to change.

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