IAO: A World-Renowned Accreditation Agency

by Robin Smith
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Accreditation plays a key role in helping an institute boost its credibility and reputation is an undeniable fact. Many institutions the world over have acquired international and regional accreditation of reputed accreditation agencies and are now widely recognized by a wide body of professionals and working adults.

iaoInternational Accreditation Organization, or IAO, is a leading accreditation body which offers institutions and organizations accreditation if the latter follow its stringent evaluation system called Points Profile Score.

Due to its first-rate accreditation services, IAO enjoys worldwide popularity and its chapters are located in more than 180 countries. IAO’s representatives, who are present in many parts of the world, help education providers gain the agency’s prestigious accreditation. The agency has set up numerous chapters to enhance quality standards for traditional and non-traditional educational institutes and corporations in various regions of the world. Also, the agency has a team of experts who are well-aware of the dynamics of the regional education and have full knowledge and experience to serve their clients.

accreditation-stamp-imageThese chapters are committed to the task of organizing seminars, workshops and expos that assist IAO in serving educational universities and other stakeholders in a specific region. IAO has its chapter in many countries of Americas, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe. A large number of premier institutions in these countries have acquired IAO’s accreditation and many more are looking forward to becoming IAO’s accredited members. The agency, one of the leading accreditation agencies, enjoys unrivaled reputation and credibility among both students and working adults.

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