Why Choose IAO Accredited Homeschool Programs

by Robin Smith
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IAO Accredited homeschool programs are those that have been evaluated and approved by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO). The IAO is an independent accrediting agency that offers a variety of programs in addition to homeschooling, including teacher training and education-related services. The IAO’s mission is to promote high quality education through its accreditation process, which helps ensure that students receive a quality education that meets set standards.

Types of Accreditation

The International Accreditation Organization (IAO) is a non-profit organization that provides accreditation services to homeschooling programs throughout the world. The IAO’s mission is to ensure quality education for homeschooled students of all ages, regardless of their location or background.

They offer three types of accreditation:

1. Accreditation for homeschooling programs is available to all types of homeschooling programs, including Christian, secular and home study groups.

2. Accreditation for individual courses within a program or school must be applied separately after you have received your initial program or school accreditation.

3. Accreditation for individual teachers within a program or school must be applied for separately after you have received your initial program or school accreditation.

The goal of IAO is to provide consumers with the best resources available for learning. We believe that education should be free from political and religious pressures and that all children should have access to quality education regardless of where they live or what their family’s income level may be.

Requirements for Accreditation

IAO has established standards for accredited homeschool programs. As well as other types of learning environments such as charter schools, private schools, charter academies and independent study programs. The following are some of the requirements for accreditation:

  • The school must follow state regulations on homeschooling or independent study programs
  • School must follow federal laws regarding student privacy protection
  • The school must deliver instruction using a curriculum that includes academic subjects such as reading comprehension skills; math concepts; writing skills; science concepts; social studies topics; foreign language acquisition; arts enrichment activities; physical education activities; vocational training courses (if applicable); health education topics (if applicable); family life lessons

Benefits of IAO Accredited Homeschool Program:

-Students can enroll in accredited colleges and universities without having to submit SAT scores. Or other proof of their previous academic achievement

-Parents have access to the curriculum used by the school. They can monitor their child’s progress and make sure they’re receiving an appropriate education

-The curriculum will include lessons on how to study effectively, as well as how to practice good habits such as time management and organization

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