IAO Awards 90% Developing Countries Grant (DCG) to Education Providers in Designated Regions of the World

by Robin Smith
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IAO’s Accreditation Committee has taken the approval from the IAO Global Board in a special general body meeting to award 90% Developing Accreditation Grant to education providers in designated developing regions of the world.

IAO is most pleased to offer Developing Countries Grant (DCG) to support deserving institutes to avail their accreditation with a 90% reduction in the total fees, letting them complete the accreditation process with least financial constraints.

In certain special cases, the Accreditation Committee also has the mandate to take remaining 10% accreditation fee in instalments, considering special circumstances of the education provider.  Also, the accreditation committee has the mandate to increase this 90% grant further, again considering special circumstances of the education provider. This process of instalment or further reduction of fees requires a formal application by that institute mentioning those special circumstances.

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