IAO Awards IICTN – Indian Institute of Cosmetology Trichology & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd, the Status of Full Accreditation

by Robin Smith
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IAO takes pride in awarding IICTN – Indian Institute Of Cosmetology Trichology & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd, 3 years of Full Accreditation upon their services in the field of Beauty, Health and Wellness.

IICTN is a government registered institute run by Dr. Jhoomer Kulshrestha who is an expert in the field of Beauty, Health and Wellness. She has travelled the world to dedicate her services by sharing her practical experience with singular aim of driving everyone to rise themselves in their lives and become independent.


IICTN is a nationally recognized institute working in India. It has been awarded with several rewards such as, Indira Gandhi “Priyardarshini” award, “Indian Achievers” award and “Shining Image of India” award for outstanding contribution in education. Moreover, the institute has also achieved “Sevachakra Puraskar” award for excellence in leadership and “Super Quality Crown” award best health and skin care unit.

The institute offers candidates a broad array of educational and training courses in the field of Beauty, Health and Wellness. Starting from the lowest grades of education up to Doctorate level, students are provided high quality education and hands on training in their respective fields of study.


IAO wants to congratulate Dr. Jhoomer and her entire team for serving best education and training facilities to their students. We take pride in awarding the institute with 3 years of full accreditation and ensure our assistance for the rest of the lives, in the improvement of the educational policies and standards. We wish them all the very best for their future endeavors.

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