IAO Awards Sreekrishna Groups of Heavy Equipment the Status of Full Accreditation

by Robin Smith
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reeKrishna Groups of Heavy Equipment is awarded with full accreditation by IAO for their incredible services in training candidates handling and operating heavy equipment.

SreeKrishna Groups of Heavy Equipment is an internationally recognized heavy equipment training institute, established in 2004. It entirely focuses on training the individuals on operating the heavy machinery and equipment used in industry or on field. The education and training does not only focus on theoretical aspect but also the trainers give students hands on training on the machines and equipment.  It offers heavy equipment operator training on a variety of heavy equipment such as JCB, Crane, Forklift, Bobcat, Vibrating compactor, Showel, Hittachi, Loader, and Dozer etc.

_18A8780Institute offers free visit to the site for the students who wish to get enrolled. The students are free to question the teachers and trainers as well as the current students about the curriculum taught and their experiences on the site.

_18A8749IAO highly appreciates SreeKrishna Groups of Heavy Equipment who work dedicatedly providing education and training to the students for operating and handling heavy equipment so that they are able to face the challenges that rise in their respective fields. In order to stay on path with the fast growing technology it is very crucial to have the know-how of all the machinery and equipment used in the industry. It is an honor for IAO to award full accreditation to SreeKrishna Groups of Heavy Equipment and wish them all the very best for future and hope to see continuous improvement in their educational standards.

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