IAO Commission Member on Visit Inspection at Cloud Technology

by Robin Smith
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Being a global authority on accrediting institutions, International Accreditation Organization’s aim is to ensure quality education is being delivered to students from as many global institutions possible. In doing so, we have a stringent process that institutes go through to get their education standards acknowledged at an international level.

Today, we would like to congratulate Cloud Technology IQ, based in Iraq, for successfully passing the initial phases of getting international accreditation from IAO. Our process is as following:

  1. Application Review: Cloud Technology submitted an application for our commission members to review their education standards. After reviewing their documents and institute profile, our members schedule a visit inspection.
  2. Visit Inspection: Our esteemed commission members of the relevant region visits the institute to thoroughly review and check the quality of education and environment they are offering. If the institute is successful, it will receive IAO’s complete accreditation. Currently, our commission members are reviewing Cloud Technology IQ’s education standards to determine if they qualify for our accreditation or not.
  3. Full Accreditation Awarded: Once the commission members approve a certain institution, they then get IAO’s full accreditation with seal which they can promote on their marketing materials to display their global affiliation with us.

About Cloud Technology IQ:

Cloud Technology IQ delivers cost effect, integrated software solutions to enhance the competitiveness of businesses and make them more profitable. In doing so, they have assembled top of the line products and services that focus on making business more up to date and efficient in accordance with the prevailing trends.

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