IAO Full Accreditation Awarded to Malla Reddy College of Engineering

by Robin Smith
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IAO, International Accreditation Organization works thoroughly with institutions to ensure their education is at par with international standards. In doing so, we have imposed a strict and thorough eligibility criteria that not every institute can successfully pass.

Today, we are proud to announce that Malla Reddy College of Engineering has successfully passed all our stages of evaluation and have acquired International Accreditation Organization’s accreditation certificate. In other words, Malla Reddy College of Engineering is now a fully accredited member of IAO.

About Malla Reddy College of Engineering:

Malla Reddy College of Engineering was formerly known as CM Engineering College. It was established under the aegis of the Malla Reddy Group of institutions in 2005 with the vision of providing top of the line management and engineering education, and experienced, top-class faculty members.

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