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IAO is well-known across the globe for its accreditation and remarkable evaluation process; because of this, the responsibility of being highly accurate falls on the agency. Our global representatives are stationed worldwide and inspect and verify the institutes. Therefore, we are trusted to make education accessible, regardless of schools and other learning centers’ location and financial position. Our Points Profile System employed by the representatives for verification is as follows:

Step # 1: Institutes submit their applications via www.iao.org and get a free consultation from one of our committee members. Once the application is reviewed, they move to the next step.

Step # 2: The second step of the process is to visit institutions and inspect their facilities, faculty, education standard, etc.

 Step # 3: Once the visit inspection report is submitted, our commission members review it, and if qualified, the institute gets IAO’s full accreditation.

Announcing IAO’s Visit to Manjushri Healing


We are glad to announce that Manjushri Healing has cleared the first step of our evaluation process and has entered the second phase, during which our global chapter members visit the institution and physically inspect the different offerings. The visit inspection report for Manjushri Healing has been submitted to our commission for final review. If approved, it will acquire IAO’s full accreditation status. We wish the institute the best of luck in its final stage of the accreditation process.

About Manjushri Healing

Manjushri Healing is a renowned healing center that has skillfully merged ancient Eastern and Traditional African Medicine with advanced diagnostic technologies to harmonize, rejuvenate, and rectify cellular energy frequencies. Their comprehensive Health Programs seamlessly blend the wisdom and practices of Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Energy Healing, and other modalities with cutting-edge approaches such as Health scans, Nutrition, Ozone therapy, and Craniosacral therapy. This integrative approach ensures rapid, impactful, and sustainable outcomes for individuals seeking optimal health and well-being.

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