IAO Grants Candidacy Status to Kaizen Institute of Training Excellence (KITE)

by Robin Smith
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Kaizen Institute of Training Excellence (KITE) is granted the status of candidacy by International Accreditation Organization.


Kaizen Institute of Training Excellence (KITE) strives to provide training facilities to individuals who wish to groom in their career and reach the level of success. The institute believes that it is very important for professionals to move on with the changes of the growing market industry. Hence, to cater these needs KITE focuses on training personnel and help them adapt to the situations and dealing with the ever changing market and complexities of Human interaction.


The institute provides training in the sectors like Hospitals, Hospitality, Engineering, Education, Aviation, Tourism, Retail, Events, etc. covering the fields of Customer services, Sales and Marketing, Business communication, Customer Relationship Management, Grooming for office, Phone etiquettes, Communication skills, etc.

IAO is glad to grant the status of candidacy to Kaizen Institute of Training Excellence (KITE) on providing professional training services to individuals and corporate professionals seeking to sharpen their skills or develop new ones as required by their respective jobs. We look forward to grant the institute the status of full accreditation in the near future with an international recognition in the global educational community.

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