IAO Grants Candidacy Status to UBS – UniCaribbean Business School, Nigeria

by Robin Smith
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niCaribbean Business School is granted Candidacy Status by IAO on their educational services provided to the students in Nigeria and across the world.

UBS is a Nigerian business school approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and accredited by IAO offering a wide-range of academic and professional development programs across different areas and specializations in business and management. It was established with an aim to promote quality education in Nigeria and globally. UBS Nigeria offers an excellent learning environment with a blend of local and international faculty capable of engaging students and enlightening even the most experienced business person. The curriculum incorporated is of high-quality and structured keeping in view the global educational standards yet oriented towards the reality of the Nigeria context.

photoThe main focus of UBS are the students studying here. We put in efforts to impart quality education to the students and work on building the personality of the students. We believe in building future leaders thereby we provide such opportunities and programs which help students enhance and develop their decision-making, problem-solving, critical thinking, project delivery, and communication skills demanded by the increasingly complex business environment. In all our programs, our key objective is to help students achieve their potential and become highly skilled contributors to modern private and public sector enterprises or in running successful businesses themselves.

images (2)It is an honour to have UBS – UniCaribbean Business School from Nigeria amongst the members of IAO. We are glad to award this school with the status of Candidacy. It was very satisfying to know that there are organizations in Nigeria working to provide higher business education to the students and developing their managerial skills to work in good organizations globally and increase the economy of Nigeria. We look forward to provide full accreditation to UBS in the near future and provide assistance for continuous improvement for better educational policies which are on par with the global standards.

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