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Announcing Full Accreditation for KASH Enterprise for Healthcare Management

It is with great pleasure that we announce full accreditation for KASH Enterprise for Healthcare Management that has passed our scrutiny system and has achieved the aforementioned status. For years, the institute has worked for its vision that aims to lead and be recognized as a training institution, prospective, of professionals of excellence, generating new knowledge, granting values and principles in accordance with the development of the common good, from an innovative seal, which is distinguished by its community of learning globally.

About KASH Enterprise for Healthcare Management

Before KASH was found they saw how healthcare institutions could run with healthcare experts who weren’t knowledgeable in their fields and they wanted to change this situation. KASH was found to provide individuals with the science behind healthcare management and the proper techniques they can use to establish their own systems, set high goals and help those in their workplace reach and exceed the goals laid in place; so that these competent healthcare managers can become beacons of KASH in their workplaces all around the Middle East.

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