IAO Grants Full Accreditation to Leaders International School

by Robin Smith
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Being the largest and the only international accreditation agency for educational institutions around the globe, IAO’s philosophy is to evaluate institutes based on their merit and regardless of their location and financials, and to make sure they are recognized globally for the efforts they put in to provide top-quality education. In order to carry out such a mammoth task, IAO has implemented the following two revolutionary steps that no one international accreditation agency has done to date:

  1. We have deployed a Points Profile System against which institutes are evaluated and their strengths and weaknesses are recorded. IAO then works with the institutes to ensure the weaknesses are reduced to a minimum.
  2. We have created a team of Global Chapter Members, who are highly qualified professionals from the educational field. These professionals are present in all the major regions of the world; hence, allowing IAO to conduct evaluation visits worldwide without any restrictions.

Full Accreditation Granted to Leaders International School

Today, in the light of our mission, we would like to announce the full accreditation status of Leaders International School based in Qatar. After going through our entire 3-step evaluation process, Leaders International School was deemed worthy and among the top-notch schools in Qatar. Therefore, we take this opportunity to congratulate the institute and welcome them onboard.

About Leaders International School

Based in Qatar, Leaders International School is one of its kind in terms of the passion they share for education. After a thorough review of the institution and meetings with the faculty members, we observed the merit and the passion they have towards offering high quality education within their region. At IAO, it is always an honor to come across such institutes and individuals.

It is worth mentioning here that the institute provides unparalleled education to children along with all the other facilities that make the education process fun and engaging, which is why they are ranked among the top schools in Qatar.

“We use a personalized approach that inspires ambition and produces exceptional achievement right across the curriculum. We will respond to your child’s strengths and adapt our learning to help them overcome challenges, in which your child will excel academically, socially and personally. Leaders International School provides extensive professional development opportunities for our teachers to ensure our students benefit from contemporary educational thinking and practices.” – Leaders International School

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