IAO Grants Full Accreditation to NEW U Academy

by Robin Smith
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Full Accreditation Granted to NEW U ACADEMY

IAO is quite pleased to announce that NEW U Academy has successfully passed all the merits of our scrutiny and is being awarded full accreditation. The Academy offers various health-related services and connects you with the best nutritionists who provide you with the relevant guidance. NEW U Academy offers specifically designed solutions for health issues that include diet plans for illnesses like diabetes, thyroid, as well as cancer.

The Academy offers a complete health package, with a vision to inculcate behavior & lifestyle change that is feasible. The belief of the organization is that beauty comes from within so if you are facing any issues like lack of nourishment or have low self-esteem due to body dysmorphia, you can trust NEW U to provide apt solutions without offering any artificial substances that might potentially harm your body.

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