IAO Grants Full Accreditation to Priyanka Sethi Makeup and Hair Academy

by Robin Smith
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IAO carries the honor of being the most prominent accreditation agency in the world. The defining feature of this agency is that it aims to evaluate institutes based on their merit without any bias against locations or finances. The recognition of learning centers worldwide based solely on the merits of education and quality is the primary goal of International Accreditation Organization and therefore, it goes out of its way to ensure sheer authenticity and legitimacy.

The two chief steps that IAO follows for granting accreditation to the institutes are as follows:

1. A Points Profile System has been developed against which institutes are evaluated and their strengths and weaknesses are judged. IAO then ensures that the weaknesses are brought down to a minimum so that the respective institute can receive accreditation.

2. A team of Global Chapter Members has been created which consists of highly qualified professionals belonging to the educational field. All major regions of the world have been assigned these individuals who then assist IAO in conducting evaluation visits to monitor the progress of the institutes without any hindrance.

Full Accreditation Granted to Priyanka Sethi Makeup and Hair Academy

We are pleased to announce that Priyanka Sethi Makeup and Hair Academy has passed all our merits and achieved full accreditation status. Located in Model Town, Ludhiana, this learning institute has established itself as one of the best fashion businesses in the region and offers a range of services to the customers.

About Priyanka Sethi Makeup Artist in Model Town

A beauty destination, Priyanka Sethi Makeup Artist in Model Town, Ludhiana has been functioning since 2017. Serving those living and working in and around the area, this beauty destination is one of the preferred places of the clients. This establishment understands the needs of today’s chic and savvy individuals and strives towards offering a diverse set of expert beauty, styling and grooming services.

Services Offered by Priyanka Sethi Makeup Artist in Model Town

It offers you a comprehensive range of beauty services that are designed to let you escape into a world of indulgence. You can treat yourself to multiple facilities that span from hair styling to herbal facials. With the specialized spa treatments and services, this parlor is the coziest place that helps you in unwinding all the stress. Enforcing impeccable quality, hygiene and hospitality standards are some of the special qualities of the salon. It employs a team of competent and skilled professionals who are encouraged provide the best customer service with the belief that a customer is second to none. It is known to keep in tune with all the trends and come up with the best solutions for their clients.

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