IAO Grants Full Accreditation to Q Schools – English Language and H.R. Development

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization grants 10 years full Accreditation to Q Schools-English Language and H.R. Development.

662a31_5467ec7ff9134516bcc04ee57a444566The first Q School was established in October, 2008, in Israel. With the passage of time it increased into five campuses in two different countries. Since the inception, Q Schools have educated more than 2000 students. The Director and Founder of Q Schools, Dalia Fadila, Ph.D, established the schools with an aim to provide the Arab children a high quality of education that stems from their unique Arab societal needs, to bring the Arab schooling system and its students, equal to the international educational standards.

Q Schools propose a unique approach to learning/teaching English as space for intellectual and personal empowerment; the approach is particularly suited to underprivileged students and stems from the need of these students to develop personally and professionally. The school visions to create a comprehensive educational system that practices the values of human rights, intellectual and personal empowerment, to produce and spread high quality knowledge enabling the Arab students to create a life meeting the requirements of the 21st century. Q Schools also offer unique programs and scholarships for students with special needs or low socio-economic circumstances.

4-11-2017 4-52-07 PMQ School fulfills all the requirements of a global standardized school, therefore IAO grants it 10 years of Full Accreditation with an assurance to always be a helping hand in improving the educational standards throughout. We take pride in welcoming Q Schools among the international educational community and as a fully accredited member of IAO. Heartiest congratulations to the Director, staff and entire team of Q Schools.

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