IAO Grants Full Accreditation to S.R. Leaders International Institute for Montessori Training

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization – IAO is proud to award the status of full accreditation to S.R. Leaders International Institute for their education and training services to Montessori teachers.

S.R. Leaders International Institute was established by AVVA Educational & Charitable trust, 5 years ago. The institute was built with the goal of providing high quality education and training to teach Montessori level teachers. The courses are designed that meet the global educational standards. They believe that teaching younger kids is not as easy as teaching older kids. Younger kids need to be handled with great care and affection. Hence, it is important for teachers to be well trained how to teach and deal with kids of the Montessori level.

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The institute aims to build future leaders of the society that molds and prunes the character of the kids and furnish them into fine citizens of the society. A teacher plays an important role in developing the intellectual, motor, and learning skills of the students. The institute works on reshaping a professional teacher to shape the children into great leaders of the society.


IAO is proud to grant S.R. Leaders International Institute for Montessori Training the status of full accreditation as they ensure to provide teachers with quality education and training. The institute fulfills the accreditation criteria of IAO and is awarded with a national and international recognition along with international accreditation. Upon receiving accreditation the institute receives a lot of benefits and a lifelong improvement of education standards of the institute.

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