IAO Grants Full Accreditation to St. Petersburg Art Academy in Florence

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization is world’s leading agency for accreditation of educational institutes around the world. Our mission is to evaluate institutes on a performance based ‘Points Profile System’ to ensure transparency and merit around the globe to ensure quality education is recognized. In order to do so, we have employed a strict evaluation process that institutes have to go through to acquire our accreditation. Following is the process we have in place to evaluate institutes:

Step # 1: Apply for IAO accreditation by filling in the application form. Submit the required documents for initial review.

Step # 2: Schedule a visit with one of our Global Chapter Members or Opt for Online Evaluation.

Step # 3: Once the visit inspection report/online evaluation report is submitted, reviewed and approved, the institute will receive IAO’s accreditation.

Full Accreditation Awarded to St. Petersburg Art Academy in Florence


We would like to congratulate St. Petersburg Art Academy in Florence for acquiring IAO’s full accreditation in the month of October. Based in Italy, the St. Petersburg Art Academy in Florence is one of its kind, offering high quality arts education to its students.  We were not only satisfied with the institute’s overall performance but were also amused with its offering and commitment to its relevant field.

About St. Petersburg Art Academy in Florence

Being a one of its kind art academy in Florence, Italy, Saint Petersburg Art Academy offers courses in Russian academic traditional figurative art, fine arts, paint and restoration. The institute’s programs are based on the original program one of the leading universities of Russia.

First and the foremost, upon our evaluation of the institute, IAO’s team was amazed at the overall professionalism and dedication of the faculty to their respective fields. Highly experienced staff with an amusing décor, St. Petersburg Art Academy in Florence definitely stands tall among most of the art institutes in Florence.

About St. Petersburg Art Academy in Florence:

In 2017, the initiative of state Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg was the impetus for the opening of the official representative office of the Russian academic school in Florence. During the process of developing its activities, the Academy acquired new cooperation with a number of outstanding artists. Every year the Academy opens contemporary directions in the study of classical art. Thus, in 2019, there was established a new faculty “Artist of Architecture”, which has no analogues in the world. The unconditional basis for didactic programs of the Academy is the art of Renaissance, postulates of which have been preserved for centuries in the educational system of the Russian academic school. Unique methods of teaching the techniques of realistic figurative art are explained to the students of the Academy by professors with a rich practical experience. At the heart of all the Academy’s programs is a consistent and systematic acquisition of knowledge that combines a set of disciplines that were particularly admired by the geniuses of Renaissance. Education system fully recreates a complex approach to the formation of the artist’s personality. Figurative art skills developed to perfection, combined with universal Renaissance thinking enable our students to achieve great results.

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