IAO Grants Full Accreditation to Success Story Global

by Robin Smith
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IAO takes pride in awarding the institute – Success Story Global with the status of lifetime accreditation on their exceptional services of providing personality development training to individuals, particularly employees of various companies.

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Success Story Global is established by Mr. Nader Ashchi, a dedicated and renowned author, entrepreneur, and a business empowerment coach, helping corporations and leaders all over the world in increasing sales, reducing cost, and creating a WINNING corporate culture. He believes that anyone with correct mindset and potential can live a successful life.

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The purpose behind establishing this institute was to create a richer world spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically by helping corporations grow through enlightening and inspiring the quality of the lives of its employees individually. The institute is equipped with highly qualified and skillful team of trainers and consultants that work as an asset for the institute. The institute offers customized training solutions built upon a 7-Phase Learning Model that has been proven to optimize the ultimate results of any training.

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Success Story Global upon providing professional and vocational training to individuals for a better and richer lifestyle, is granted with lifetime accreditation by International Accreditation Organization – IAO. IAO accreditation is an international recognition of the institute and their credentials. We are glad to welcome Success Story Global on board among the global educational community.

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