IAO Pursues Strict Legal Action Against Impersonating & Defamatory Websites

by Robin Smith
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Houston, TX, February 13, 2016 – International Accreditation Organization (IAO), a global accreditation provider, has launched its Total Quality Audit Program (TQAP) that is aimed to take strict legal action against companies and websites that are actively participating in fraudulent activities by impersonating as either regional IAO branches, IAO subsidiaries or using IAO seal and certifications to provide accreditation against financial gains.

International Accreditation Organization focuses on ensuring quality education of global standards around the globe. We are the pioneer in establishing a worldwide network of institutes, universities, colleges and schools thoroughly evaluated by our esteemed commission members, who are highly experienced and recognized in the field of education.

However, it has come to our attention that our goodwill, name and credentials are being misused by many fraudulent companies for financial gains, selling our seal and certification without our authority. As a reaction to the low quality of services these impersonators are providing, many online forums, blogs and websites are defaming IAO for being a low quality service provider or a fraud company altogether.

In order to ensure that our prestigious clients are not wronged by such individuals and firms, we have introduced our Total Quality Audit Program (TQAP), which is directed towards identifying fake IAO firms, websites and individuals.

Through our TQAP process, we will be taking the following actions on anyone who will impersonate IAO or link IAO’s name to any fraudulent activity:

Phase 1:

  • Identifying any company or firm misusing IAO’s name and seal
  • Taking strict legal action to ensure the website is either shut down or removes IAO’s branding. For example, iao.usa, iao.in, and i-ao.org and others.
  • Reporting and taking legal action against any website, blog or company defaming IAO without any legal evidence or for any action not performed by IAO.

Phase 2:

  • Informing all educational bodies, ministries, embassies and relevant government / non-government entities about your non-accreditation status. Provided below is the list of authorities in your region:
  1. Educational Bodies:
      • Student Organizations
      • Boards of Education
      • International Schools Affiliation
  2. Ministries
      • Government Ministries
  3. Embassies & Consulates:
      • Foreign Embassies
      • Foreign Consulates

It should be noted here that IAO has already sued websites and companies that are spreading misinformation that damages the reputation of International Accreditation Organization.

About IAO:

International Accreditation Organization is a private firm established by educationists to provide evaluation and accreditation services to institutes all around the globe. IAO has accredited more than 1,500 institutes globally and has more than 200 educators onboard as commission members from around the world.

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