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The largest accreditation agency, IAO has made its name as the hallmark of quality education evaluation in the world. The representatives of the organization have worked relentlessly in ensuring that the evaluation is as accurate as possible and therefore, they visit the institutes personally and assess their progress. This way, IAO works with the sole objective of providing recognition to learning centers that aim to improve the education across the world. For this purpose, we have created a 3-steps system to evaluate the institutions that apply for accreditation:

Step # 1: Institutes submit their applications via www.iao.org and get free consultation from one of our commission members. Once the application is reviewed, they move to the next step.

Step # 2: Second step of the process is to visit institutions and inspect their facilities, faculty, education standard, etc.

Step # 3: Once the visit inspection report is submitted, our commission members review it and, if qualified, the institute gets IAO’s full accreditation.

Announcing IAO Membership status to Kruti Art Academy

We gladly announce that Kruti Art Academy, that aims to provide the best quality of education has passed our merits and achieved IAO Membership status.


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