IAO on Visit Inspection at KIOC Coach Education Centre

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization is among the very few accreditation bodies around the globe that offer international accreditation. We aim to create a single standard around the globe for education and training institutes. It is our mission to evaluate the standard of education institutions are providing around the globe and ensure they are being recognized through our official seal and certificate.

To make this possible, International Accreditation Organization has employed a rigorous 3 step process that institutes go through in order to be fully evaluated. Here’s how the process works:

Step # 1: Institutes are required to fill in our application form and submit the necessary documents.

Step # 2: If approved by our commission members, the institute will be paid a visit by IAO’s Global Chapter Members to evaluate the curriculum, faculty members, facilities of the institute, etc.

Step # 3: Evaluation report is submitted to our commission members. If satisfied, full accreditation is given to the institute.

KIOC Coach Education Centre Moves to Step # 2 – Visit Inspection by IAO Global Chapter Members:

It is our pleasure to announce that KIOC Coach Education Centre has successfully entered the second stage of our process. The institute was visited and evaluated by IAO’s global chapter members and the evaluation report has been submitted to our commission members. The institute is now just one step away from being fully accredited by IAO. As soon as the evaluation report is approved, the institute will get full accreditation.

About KIOC Coach Education Centre:

KIOC Coach Education Centre is an institute that offering cricket training to men and women in their region. Headed by world renowned coach Irfan Sait, the institute is one of its kind in terms of the facilities offered and the qualifications of the faculty members. The institute offers multiple courses pertaining to cricket in an affordable price range, keeping in mind the demand of their region.

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