IAO Successfully Awards Mahatma Gandhi International School the Status of Candidacy

by Robin Smith
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ahatma Gandhi International School is granted the status of Candidacy by International Accreditation Organization as the school encourages the students to be independent decision makers, creative thinkers, problem-solvers and compassionate towards other beings.

MGIS – Mahatma Gandhi International School was established with the mission to build a school where high quality education is provided to every student no matter what background they come from, what language they spoke, their current financial status, what religion or culture they followed. Criticism was at the door steps, when there was no one to encourage such schooling and educational system. It is well said that, “When there is a will, there is a way!” Today, MGIS stands justified as the Right to Education Act now makes it obligatory for all schools across India to integrate students from poorer sections of society – a policy that was adopted at the inception of the school fifteen years ago.IMG_34881MGIS follows their own school policy which is not like any other traditional school. There is no uniform policy and no examinations policy. They believe in students’ effective learning rather than pressurizing them with the burden of exams. However, students are assessed on regular and consistent formative and summative assessments giving them more time for learning and holistic development. Being an IB school MGIS has the facility to grant scholarships to the unprivileged students from around the globe who wish to enroll having the urge to receive quality education which is on par with the global standards.MGIS 1MGIS commits to provide quality education to their students with no sects, religion, culture or language barriers. The school is committed to develop and implement a pedagogy, which allows for learning to be an enjoyable experience that is purposeful, logical and coherent. IAO proudly welcomes MGIS – Mahatma Gandhi International School amongst the global educational community and grants it the status of Candidacy. IAO will now be looking forward to grant full accreditation to MGIS in the near future as it is confident enough to attain their sustainability goals and also pursuing their mission to promote international education.

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