IAO Successfully Grants Full Accreditation to The Design Institute

by Robin Smith
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The Design Institute is granted the status of full accreditation upon providing quality online education to individuals having the passion to study in the field of Interior Designing.

The Design Institute is an online and accredited institute, offering learning experiences to students interested in boosting their careers in the field of interior designing. The institute is equipped with highly qualified faculty that work on designing flexible and student-centered programs, catering the needs of the students all around the world.


The Design Institute offers a course program consisting of theory and technical application of interior design principles. The students are to study 12 modules in depth and are guided by mentors online for support and guidance throughout the program. The institute covers theoretical examinations along with practical assignments to facilitate learning and enhance creativity and imagination of the students. Moreover, the institute also facilitates the students by giving them training on setting up a business in interior designing and also composing a design portfolio to equip students for their upcoming profession as interior designers.


The Design Institute proves to be a successful online educational institute working to provide quality education to students seeking to make their career in the field of interior designing. IAO grants the institute the status of full accreditation with an assurance to always be a helping hand for the improvement of the educational standards of the institute. We wish them all the very best for their future endeavors.

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