IAO Successfully Grants Full Accreditation to – The Master’s Training International

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization – IAO grants Full Accreditation status to, The Master’s Training International on their expert services to educate and train Foreign Domestic Helpers.IMG-20170222-WA0028The Master Training International’s foundation was inspired by the poems in the book of Michael Cenaffra’s: Faith, Dreams and Hope. The main focus was to fill hope in the Foreign Domestic Helpers, who are away from their homes, by helping them to educate and train themselves and earn a respectable living. It serves working adults, as the learning channel to build up their confidence as well as maintaining their healthy working relationship with their employer. The Institute offers a wide range of modules in Advanced Training in Healthcare Support Assistant, Dressmaking and Sewing Program, Baking, and Entrepreneurship meeting the needs of the larger community of adult learners. The educational courses include:

  1. Advanced Practical Training in Healthcare Support Assistant (Care for Elderly and Infants)
  2. Basic Certificate in Dressmaking and Sewing
  3. Certificate in Baking Program
  4. Effective and Simple Entrepreneurship Program
  5. Basic English in the Workplace
  6. Basic Computer Literacy

These courses are carefully researched, analyzed and compiled by expert practitioners specialized in the field of adult lifelong learning.IMG-20170222-WA0041The institute missions to introduce effective and innovative methods of teaching-learning process, also providing hands on training to the adults. The training provided, revolves around the needs of the Foreign Domestic Helpers, therefore, the courses are made affordable so that the students can receive quality education within their reach.IMG-20170222-WA0058IAO takes pride in providing full accreditation status to The Master Training International institute, because the institute and the team work to build morale in the students, non-residents of Singapore. The institute provides a platform to individuals, to nurture their skills and talents in different fields of study. Along with full accreditation, IAO also provides the institute with several benefits and a continuous improvement process, in which we will guide and assist the institute to improve their academic standards.


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