In Conversation with Dr. Ibrahim A. Al-Mohaissin

by Robin Smith
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Dr. Ibrahim A. Al-Mohaissin is a Professor of Science Education at Taibah Dr. IbrahimUniversity and a committed Commission Member of IAO – International Accreditation Organization. 

We would like to share the views of Dr. Ibrahim in a Q&A session with IAO. We are sure you will learn lot from his personal experiences.

Q. How do you think policies contribute towards school admission process? Can you give any suggestions for enhancement of student admission and retention in educational institutes?

In my experience, I think that clear and practical policies affect admission and enrollment. If the educational institute has open and democratic policy of admission, many students and teaching staff would like to join such institutions. Such policies lead to their retention and success in the institution. All that would make life happy for all.

Q. How can accreditation from renowned agency such as IAO contribute to an educational institute’s success? How can it help an institute achieve higher standards in education?

Of course, an accreditation from a renowned agency such as IAO is very important to any recognized institution. IAO has always focused on the academic standards of the institute and critically analyzes all policies and standards before granting accreditation. Moreover, IAO provides lifetime improvement of educational standards to the students. A good number of students and faculty staff would like to look at the level of accreditation before they decide to join any institution. It is also important that international accreditation ranks the institution higher as compared with the non-accredited universities.

Q. How do you define an effective teaching process? Do you think a healthy student-faculty relationship can contribute to an environment that is more conductive to learning?

I think that in the definition of an effective teaching process, a healthy and fruitful student-faculty relationship among students should be highly considered. Undoubtedly, such preferable relationships contribute to a successful environment and more conductive to learning. A strong teacher-student relationship can be built by good communication between the teacher and his/ her students. The teacher must provide maximum comfort to the students along with a welcoming attitude. This will make the students share their problems and feedback with their teachers. In other words, healthy human relationships help to achieve a lot of things in a very short time.

Q. Can you please explain how a graduate from an accredited online university has improved their employment prospects?

Today, we dwell in the age of Internet and depend upon online services. Global accreditation is a wider path that leads to interact with other accredited institutes around the world, generating ample opportunities for employment. We see how IAO supports universities by granting online accreditation and improves their employment prospects. 

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