In Conversation with Mr. Anuj Goel

by Robin Smith
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Anuj Goel is a committed Commission Member of IAO – International Accreditation Organization.

Mr. Anuj Goel has shared his views in a Q&A session with IAO regarding the importance of accreditation in modern education. We hope you will learn a lot from his own experiences.

Anuj Goel

Q1.      How do you think policies contribute towards school admission process? Can you give any suggestions for enhancement of student admission and retention in educational institutes?

Ans.       Certainly, policies define an organization or an institution. Policies define the vision of the Institution, where we should identify, define and document scope oriented policies, which are acceptable by one and all, and enhance the brand value of the institution.

Policies are those standards which attract parents to admit their ward to the institution, which used to be their dream towards admission.

Policies should be transparent, result oriented and should meet the business objective.

Student admission and retention in educational institutes can only be possible if it is equipped with quality standards, guidelines and policies, organization wide.

Q2.      How can accreditation from renowned agency such as IAO contribute to an educational institute’s success? How can it help an institute achieve higher standards in education?

Ans.       Accreditation from renowned agency like IAO gives you leverage towards market recognition (giving value addition towards following standards, policies, for your Institution), market acceptability, not only towards national recognition rather internationally.

IAO being an internationally accredited organization help institutions by enhancing its value, by which the students get certified from the accredited institutes and get preference in the international corporate world as well.

With continuous evaluation, re-evaluation towards accredited institution from IAO, the institution can encourage the students towards value addition for their quality standards & certification. It is true, that institutions without accreditation have less market recognition in comparison to accredited institutions.

Q3.      How do you define an effective teaching process? Do you think a healthy student-faculty relationship can contribute to an environment that is more conductive to learning?

Ans.       An effective teaching process should be where students learn to bring value out of what is been taught by a faculty or mentor, which can only be possible at an institution following standard educational policies, and that the institution has been accredited with renowned Accreditation bodies like IAO. Certainly, an effective teaching process should be a mix up of multiple things like lectures, case studies, case scenarios, assignments, projects, presentations, industrial learning etc.

Q4.      Can you please explain how a graduate from an accredited online university has improved their employment prospects?

Ans.       Students from various top-notch accredited universities, based on online study are more leveraged to getting jobs in multinational organizations because of their market acceptability and reputation all around the world. IAO plays a major role in giving brand image internationally to institutions.

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