In Conversation with Mr. Bharat Gada

by Robin Smith
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harat Gada is a committed Commission Member of IAO – International Accreditation Organization.

We would like to share the views of Mr. Bharat Gada in a Q&A session with IAO. We are sure you will learn lot from his personal experiences.Bharat pic

  1. How do you think policies contribute towards school admission process? Can you give any suggestions for enhancement of student admission and retention in educational institutes?

I think, Policies are the best tool for all educational organizations towards admission administrations. Well defined policies by school management, results to high-quality educational experience through a fair and transparent admission system and avoid unfair discrimination on grounds of disability, gender, religion or belief. The policy ensures proper admission procedure with respect to each application received for admission.

  1. How can accreditation from renowned agency such as IAO contribute to an educational institute’s success? How can it help an institute achieve higher standards in education?

I think, Accreditation from renowned agency is must for all educational organizations. The accreditation are the bench mark set by a peer review board or an agency whose members include faculty from various accredited colleges and universities. For students & parents accreditation is an important factor in realizing a successful career is choosing a reputable school, institute or college.

School, institutes or any educational organization that have been through the accreditation process, can successfully maintain high standards and retain a positive feedback from students as well as industry giants on recruitment format.

  1. How do you define an effective teaching process? Do you think a healthy student-faculty relationship can contribute to an environment that is more conductive to learning?

The effective teaching process includes contribution from teachers, students, and administrators. The study shows that teaching process, of an institute can be high effective if it’s interesting, approachable, and with high clarity.

Healthy student-faculty relationship can successfully create a positive learning environment in a classroom, which in turn allow students to feel comfortable, safe and engaged throughout the academic session. In a classroom where values and roles remain constant and focus is placed on the positive aspects of learning, students will be more open to actively participating in academic as well as non-academic activities.

  1. Can you please explain how a graduate from an accredited online university has improved their employment prospects?

In my opinion, the best accredited online colleges offer similar degrees, courses, and top-level faculty instructions available at the campus. The top schools/colleges hold online students to the same high academic standards as campus-based students not only during the application process but also throughout the duration of enrollment.  Getting a degree from an international accredited college with online curriculum is beneficial and ranked high by employment industry.

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