Initiation of IAO’s TQAP Awareness Program – a highly-rich media campaign exposing non-accredited institutes claiming association with IAO

by Robin Smith
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IAO to ensure its quality education standards were being followed by all of its partners and its accredited members initiated its “Total Quality Audit Program”. The purpose of the audit was to sort out and focus on only those institutes that deliver quality education on par with international standards. During the TQAP’s process, it was identified that there are institutes whose accreditation had expired yet they were still claiming their association with IAO.

All such institutes with expired accreditation are urged to undergo the renewal process. However, upon negligence from the institutes’ part, these institutes will be moved to IAO’s second step of the audit program, called IAO’s TQAP Awareness Program – a highly-rich media campaign which will run on social media, TV channels and newspapers of the institute’s region, creating awareness to avoid any misguidance about IAO’s accredited institutes and remove the non-accredited institutes name from all of IAO’s mediums.

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